Top 5 Reasons To Use Brave’s Browser

Have you ever wanted to get rid of ads? The ad trackers? The irritating pop-ups? Installing multiple extensions to get rid of all these unpleasant things, but they just don’t work? You should try Brave’s Browser. If your still not convinced to ditch your old web browser and download Brave’s Browser, I’m going to give you 5 reasons to do so.

Brave’s Browser is Faster

According to Brave, they are faster than any other web browser out there. According to their website, they are 8.7x times faster for some specific websites – Times. To be specific.
According to another source, neutral source – Brave Browser is Faster, than any other browser, but not as fast as they claim it to be. The end conclusion – it’s still the fastest browser out there.

Brave’s Browser is Ad Free

Who likes ads? Not that many people, right? Maybe a couple of folks that work in advertising, but that’s it. Imagine the irritating pop-ups that we all have faced. No more. Because Brave’s web browser offers you the chance to turn all of the ads off. It’s completely free.
You might say, you can download ad block extensions, but, let’s be honest, they are not that reliable are they? There’s a rumor going that Google pays a lot of ad block companies, so they can display ads that are coming from Google’s network.

Also, there’s Google’s Contributor program, that offers you ad-free life, but that will cost you money. So Brave is the obvious choice. How wants to pay for something, when they can get it for free?

Brave’s Browser

Earn Money With Brave’s Web Browser

That’s right. You can earn money with Brave. Okey…you will be able to earn money with Brave in a couple of months. Just by watching ads.
You will be rewarded for each ad you see with Basic Attention Tokens.

Brave’s Team estimates you will be able to earn around $200 per year.

Save Money Using Brave’s Browser

That’s right. If you’re using mobile data, guess what? Ads cost you money. If you are using brave, you will spend less mobile data, because Brave’s Browser automatically disables the ads, meaning, that you will save money. How cool is that?

Brave’s Browser Rewards Content Creators.

That’s right folks. Content creators finally are getting rewarded.
Brave intends to keep 15% of ad revenue for itself. 55% will go to content publishers, ad partners will receive 15% and also 15% will go to the browser users, who can donate to bloggers and other providers of web content through micropayments.

Sure, you can say Google Adsense also rewarded content creators, but Brave gives you 55% of the cut. That’s a bit better for content creators, am I right?

Are you still not convinced to switch to Brave’s Browser? If not leave a comment below and let me know why you don’t want to try out Brave.

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