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How to Gift Bitcoin for Christmas | Simple Guide

Christmas is right around the corner and I assume if you’re reading this post, you’re looking for a perfect gift for your savvy friend and you have stumbled upon Bitcoin. If so, great. I will show you how you can gift bitcoin as a Christmas gift or any other holiday gift for that matter.

how to use coinbase to buy bitcoin

The easiest way is to create an account at Coinbase – here. You will need to verify your account. ID, credit/debit card, depending on your location. Afterward, you will have to create a wallet for your friend and send the Bitcoins to that specific wallet.

Let’s narrow it down.

Create the Coinbase account. If you don’t know how to do it, we have a guide prepared for you – How to create a Coinbase account, step by step.

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Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet for your Friend

Now the second step is to create a bitcoin wallet for your friend. The most secure way would be to create a paper wallet or hardware wallet(if he’s a really good friend because that can get expensive).

I suggest you stick with bitcoin paper wallet. It’s secure, free and you can get it instantly.

So you will have to generate Bitcoin Wallet – Here

bitcoin paper wallet

Click on the “Generate New Address”

After you have done that, the website will generate you a completely new and unique Public & Private Key.

paper wallet for bitcoin

Now you can share your public key, there’s no harm in that. But don’t share your private key with anyone, if it gets stolen, you’re going to lose all your Bitcoins.

Now I can share it because I won’t be using this wallet.

How to Give Bitcoin as a Gift – Summary

Now that you have a Coinbase account and a Paper Wallet generated and printed out.

Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase and you will be able to send/transfer them to a different address.

how to withdraw from coinbase

You should pick Bitcoin, instead of Ethereum. (I just didn’t have any Bitcoins in my account.)

Now add your Public key from your paper wallet into the field and send them to your paper wallet. That’s it. Your Paper Wallet is now updated with Bitcoin. You have your Bitcoin Gift ready. Put it in a nice envelope and you have yourself a savvy Christmas Gift.

There might be a question, what happens if your friend wants to withdraw his Bitcoins from the Paper Wallet? He will be able to do that. No worries.

He can create/download a wallet at –

Upload his paper wallet and send the Bitcoins where ever he wants to. Coinbase, other Crypto Exchanges etc. That’s up to him.

Thanks for reading How to Gift Bitcoin for Christmas, I hope you found it useful and helpful.

If you have any comments, drop a line below.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years.

Also, if you’re going to signup for Coinbase, through my affiliate link I will receive a small commission. That’s why I’m leaving you with a shameless affiliate link. Would appreciate if you would use it.

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