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Crypto Airdrops what is it? How to take advantage of it?

Crypto Airdrops – it’s just a fancy crypto word for – free coins. You might be skeptical as you should be and ask – why would anyone give your free coins? In this world, there’s no such thing as free lunch. So what’s the catch? how are these people screwing you over? They aren’t! Not really, at least.

This industry is complicated, it’s something that the world hasn’ t seen before. It has no ethics, no boundaries or laws for that matter. Most of the coins are made up, they don’t have real value, but they might in the future, it depends on the market. If the society agrees that we need this technology and backs it up with real money or coins that already have value e.g. Etherum, Bitcoin, Litecoin etc., all of the sudden the new coin has a value and they are giving it out for free. Why exactly? It’s pretty simple – Marketing.

Crypto Airdrop Marketing.

I’m a true believer that people don’t value the free stuff they get. Because it’s free. Free = no value. That’s how our brain functions. But in cryptocurrency industry, it’s a bit different. There’s a hope it might gain value. A small hope. Most of the coins that are listed on airdrops won’t survive the next 5-years. Most of the coins that are listed for Airdrops have conditions – you have to follow them on Telegram and Twitter and perhaps other social media platforms, and some will even ask you to re-tweet and share their stuff in order to get the coins. And you will probably think – I can create fake accounts and just do it there, so people don’t see my bulls*it on my social media. That’s the downside of this coin Airdrop marketing strategy.

It’s not all bad, most of the people that actually take participation in Token Airdrops aren’t parasites. They are genuinely looking for new interesting blockchain projects and AirdropAlert is one of the ways how they can discover new projects.

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Airdrops – it’s about sending a message

crypto - its about sending a message

It’s not about the coins, it’s about sending a message.

So what of it? You created a s*it coin, listed it on airdrop, gave away a big portion of the coins for free, for followers that don’t care about the project and will never invest in it? And as soon as the airdrop is over they will unfollow.

That pretty much means you did it wrong.

That’s the whole idea behind Airdrops is to create the idea that this project is something unique so that people who just accidentally stumbled upon your project will spread the word around the community and invest in it themselves.

Digipulse Airdrop

A good example is Digipulse token – DGPT. They have a great idea and they are actually resolving a problem on the blockchain. What happens to your crypto assets when you pass away? That’s right they pretty much disappear if you haven’t given the information to your relatives.

Digipulse created a solution, that you can create a sort of a digital vault in their system and add your inheritors and if you don’t log into the system(you can set the limit yourself) for 2 months, the information will be sent out to these specific people.
Great idea, right? How many people actually think about their digital assets and what will happen to them when you’re no longer around. Puff…

So companies like Digipulse can really benefit from Airdrops, because they are actually resolving a problem, that you weren’t even quite possibly aware of.

It’s not about airdrops it’s about the solution.

My point is – if the tokens/company has a solution to offer to the blockchain – great, airdrops will help you spread the word and spread the interest around the globe. If the coin itself is a s*it and has no solution whatsoever – waste of time. Sure, yes, you will attract interest, you will attract blind followers and they will even invest in it, maybe, but blind followers don’t have the money to boost your project. That’s my two cents on the matter.

How to take advantage of airdrops?

Like I said before – you don’t have anything to lose. Sign up to every coin that you’re allowed to sign up. 90% of the coins will hold no value in a couple of years, but still, you might strike some gold mine with a minimum of effort. Just go to AirdropAltert and sign up for the free coins.


I would like to point out that I’m not giving you any financial advice, just stating the best crypto exchanges best on personal, subjective opinion.

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