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Brave’s Browser new Milestone – 4 million active users

Just a couple of days ago we wrote about how Brave’s Browser reached a new milestone – hitting 10 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Today is another day and another milestone. According to Brave’s founder and CEO Brendan Eich Brave just reached 4 MUA (Monthly Active Users), 21 000 verified channels & 26 000 publisher accounts.

Brendanc Eich 4 MAU

Brendan doesn’t hide that they expect to hit 5 million MAU by end of the year, easily. Next year they hope the achieve new highs – 12 million active users.

Brave Browser Explained

For those who still don’t know what Brave Browser is – it’s a cryptocurrency powered browser.

changelly ad

Brave has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, in which users can manage their BAT(Basic Attention Tokens). Through this feature, users can reward content creators on the web according to the attention they give them, or with an amount they specify. You can specify in setting how much you’re willing to contribute for each website.

The company is also testing its advertising program, which is set to reward users for seeing approved ads. Its users will receive 70% of the revenue from “user ads,” which are set to be “delivered directly to the user in a separate ad tab” and with 15% of the revenue from the ads that appear on websites, known as “publisher ads.” That’s a program that will pay you for viewing ads. There will also be the option to turn off the ads, no matter what.

During the trial, those who opt to see ads may see their browsing history be sent to the team anonymously, in order to help improve the system. Brave’s browser is notably privacy-focused, as it even features Tor integration and uses the privacy-centric search engine DuckDuckGo on incognito tabs.

If you still haven’t tried Brave’s Browser – DOWNLOAD

If you’re already a user, you can sign up for the referral program and refer a friend. Each friend you refer to Brave’s Browser, the company will rewards you with BAT Tokens worth of $5. You will only receive that rewards if your friend becomes an active monthly users.

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brave ads