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brave browser is faster than google chrome

Brave Browser what is it and why should you use it?

As you already know Brave is a browser that allows you to explore world wide web. Why should you use it? Why the f*ck not?

Who on earth likes ads on their computer or mobile when you’re browsing your favorite content online? Probably only creative agencies who created the ads and are narcissists. Yeah, Yeah Ad Block is great, I know, it does it for you. I got a say – it doesn’t. Ad block will block only the ads on the other hand Brave will block all the trackers, he blocks even Google Analytics, when you visit someone’s website, they won’t even see that you visited that website. It’s like the advertisers worst nightmare, trust me, I worked in one of the biggest Advertising Agencies in the world, and in my experience data never lies, but if you don’t have the data what then? Then you’re f*cked. Also, an important fact is that Brave is built on Blockchain technology, so it’s decentralized.

How will you benefit using Brave Browser?

I’m not going to bore you with long text, so here are some bullet points for you guys:

  • It’s faster, you will be able to browse the web a lot faster without the ads.

brave is faster than chrome

Here are some facts from Brave.

changelly ad

These websites, the most popular website in the world, they are packed with ads, that’s their bread and butter.
With brave, you won’t see any of them. Actually, they won’t even know you visited their website unless you turn on that you want to see the ads and you allow to track you.

  • You will save money.

save money using brave browser

That’s right. Here’s the estimated value you can save up from your mobile data if you will switch to Brave. (Data is taken from Brave website)

  • You will save time.

save time with brave browser

You can actually save some time and at end of the month, a year you can see how much have you saved, purely due to the reason that ads didn’t load on your screen. In this particular screenshot, I only browsed the web for 2 minutes. 92 trackers blocked, 27 ads blocked, 6 https upgrades and I saved 6 seconds. In a year I imagine the number will be a lot higher.

You probably didn’t know that ads are stealing your money and your time.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. The facts are right in front of you. Ads and trackers take up your time and you have to pay for them with your data. Is this necessary?

Am I advertising Brave? No! Not really, they didn’t ask me to. I just find the facts amazing, did my research and find the technology amazing.(Even though I got to admit I will put an Affiliate link at the end) The idea itself is amazing, it made me think about things that I didn’t think before. All these scandals with Social Media how they are selling data to the highest bidder, that’s just disgusting. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, they just benefit from your data. Well, now they can’t.

What’s the catch?

It almost sounds too good to be true right? And people keep saying:”there’s no such thing as free dinner.”
Well, this is my personal opinion, which will, probably, be resolved in time, but for now – if publishers Fox News, CNN etc. Will see a huge drop in their ad revenue they won’t create content as much as they do now.
I know, I know, brave rewards the content creators. But it only rewards the content creators if the users are willing to spend money on it. It’s only fair, right? I don’t believe that the society will adapt to this kind of thing that quickly if they can just have a dinner for free.

If Brave developers will figure out how to persuade users to start paying for the content instead of the ads, the browser will probably revolutionize the internet. Those are my 2 cents on the matter.

I already have switched to Brave and I will probably be on of the first to adapt to this new system. Let’s see if the major society is ready for this.

Download Brave!
Google Chrome vs Brave’s Browser

Guys, thanks for reading, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below, thanks again.


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