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Brave Browser(BAT) hits 10 million Downloads

Brave Browser which rewards their users with BAT (Basic Attention Token), has reached an impressing milestone – 10 million downloads on Google Play Store.
BAT and Brave Browser came to peoples attention when there were rumors spread that Coinbase will list Basic Attention Token on their exchange.

basic attention token based browser hits 10 million downloads

Brave Shows the Crypto & Blockchain Community How It Is Done!

While the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to fall and the whole community is facing failure and scams and detokenization and blaming each other, companies like Brave, which launched without any massive PR campaigns and promises is proving, right now, to the whole community that crypto projects can be adopted and scaled into the masses.

The browser is a fast, open source, and privacy-focused. It blocks advertisements and consumes lesser data. Brave’s uniqueness and success are owed to BAT. Which incentivizes users to view advertisements and award content creators.

Basic Attention Token

BAT was offered to the community via ICO in 2017 May, BAT got famous for raising over $35 million within less than 30 seconds. At that time Ethereum based Basic Attention Token promised their investors a decentralized advertisement project, which would improve the whole advertisement industry. Look’s like BAT is not stopping down and are going to deliver their promises.

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Regarding incentives, users are rewarded BAT merely by browsing the internet, with all tokens received through an inbuilt app wallet. While Brave’s users can utilize collected tokens for tipping content creators and publishers, the latter can enable Brave-supported advertisements on their platform to earn additional revenue.

Advertisers can also purchase BAT on cryptocurrency exchanges(quite possibly BAT will be available on Coinbase real soon) to buy ad slots on the Brave browser. However, precise statistics on the number of marketing firms choosing Brave over Google, YouTube or other social media platforms remain unknown as of writing.

Brave’s Browser Active Users

Even though Brave’s Browser just hit a huge milestone – 10 million downloads, is that really the number that displays success? The most important metrics, for now, are active users.

In July 2018, Brave announced they now have over 3.1 million monthly active users  They added that they are moving to pass the 5 million mark before the end of 2018.
There haven’t been any updates from Brave’s team so far, regarding monthly active users.

The statement added that “Brave has also reached the Top 10 category in “free communication apps” for its Android browser in the Google Play Store in the United States as well 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas”.

Brave one of the very few projects out there that has actually earned the attention of crypto communities. Let’s see how quickly they will reach 5 million active monthly users milestone. Let’s also keep an eye on Brave > Google battle. Hope Brave can actually change the advertising industry for the better.

Brave’s Browser is available across several operating systems–including Linux, Windows and Apple–and features over 20 search engines. The company also announced a partnership with DuckDuckGo, Dow Jones Media Group which owns the Wall Street Journal which showed interest in Brave’s Company and vision.

Good Luck Brave Team.


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