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Guide on Choosing The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

So if you’re looking for Best Cryptocurrency exchanges you must be ready to exchange your Dollars or Euros to your favorite Cryptocurrencies. Before you actually do that, you should create criteria for your needs, so you can make a better decision choosing your crypto exchange.

Criteria for choosing crypto exchange

It’s always healthy to do a little homework before you make an important decision. In this post, I will do it for you. I will research credibility, fees, possible payment methods, geographics, verification requirements,  trading volume.

  • Credibility: Is the site trustworthy? The best way to find out is to go through review forums and visit sites like Bitcointalk and Reddit ask any questions regarding the platform and you will already tell if the community is responsive or not by the new threads created. Don’t just trust one good or bad review, people tend to be dishonest or unobjective regarding this. Try to put in some time.
  • Fees: I believe all of the exchanges have fees if you want to buy/trade coins on their platform (If not all of them, then most likely the biggest portion of the exchanges have fees) Before joining, research their fee-related information on the site. To understand that withdraws, deposits and transactions/trades takes a small fee. If you’re an active trades it might be smart to choose an exchange with low transaction fees.
  • Payment methods: Not all of the crypto exchange platforms have credit & debit card options. Some do, but not all. So that’s an important factor. Search for what you need – credit/debit card, wire transfer, paypal. An important thing to remember, if you are purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit card you will have to verify your identity, have your papers ready. Wire transfers will have significantly higher wait time, but it most cases it has lower fees.
  • Geographics: Some of the exchanges have strict Geographic accessibility. Some of the exchanges only allow United State residents to be registers and some of the exchanges only allow European residents to be registered and vice-versa.
  • Verification: Most of the exchanges will ask you to verify your personality, sending ID, proof of residence, etc. The usual deal. This might be a crucial deal for those who want to sign up RIGHT NOW and get their favorite Cryptocurrency while it’s still at such a low price.
  • Trading Volume: Finally, look for an exchange which is doing a good volume of trading – in other words, one with a high number of trading pairs, and high liquidity. It can also give credibility to an exchange platform, but if the trading volume is high that speaks volume.
Exchange NameSite
Binancebinance exchange - best cryptocurrency exchange playform
CEX.IOcryptocurrency exchange - best
Cryptopiacryptopia best exchange platform for bitcoin crypto exchange

Best CryptoCurrency Exchanges

I just showed you my criteria, and I would like to mention that this list is not chronological it’s just a list of best cryptocurrency exchanges out there, based on credibility, fees, trading volume etc. They are all good for trading, buying and selling coins, just keep in mind your own needs. So here’s a TOP list of best crypto exchanges in no specific order, just a subjective opinion.


They launched in 2017 and have exploded ever since. They have the highest trading volume of all crypto exchanges. At least for now. The interface is great. It’s easy to understand and very comfortable. Binance has hundreds of altcoins listed on their platform.

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  • Trust: A+
  • Volume: A+
  • Payment Methods: CryptoCurrencies
  • Geographics: US, EU etc.
  • Verification: Necessary

Binance - exchange

As far as verification levels go, Binance is pretty straightforward. For new users who haven’t passed the 1. level, you’ll be subjected to a 2 bitcoin daily withdrawal limit. Pretty fair. However, if you achieve level 2 verification, then you’ll be allowed to withdraw as many as 100 bitcoins each day. The verification process is quite simple.

Binance also gives you the option to choose between Binance Basic & Advance trading. The interface is comfortable and great to use. If you’re ready to take your trading to the next level then Advance trading UI gives you that option with multiple tools and possibilities to analyze the market in depth.

Binance also offers a trading app on your mobile/tablet device.

What does it mean that Binance only accepts Cryptocurrencies as payment? It means you can’t add your credit card, paypal or make wire transfers. That’s, unfortunately, isn’t possible for now. You can buy coins on any other exchange platform that allows that. e.g. Coinbase. Or you can transfer your coins already from existing wallets or exchanges. Make sure that your transfer the right coin to the right wallet. If you’re going to transfer Etherum to Bitcoin wallet, you’re going to lose your coins. Be careful.

Summary: Binance is trustworthy cryptocurrency/bitcoin exchange. With high Trading Volumes and High Trust levels. 

Coinbase/ GDAX

  • Trust: A+
  • Volume: Gdax
  • Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer
  • Geographics: US, EU etc.
  • Verification: Necessary

binance exchange

Coinbase is not the usual exchange, it’s more of a gateway to an exchange, at least many people see it that way. It has an on-site exchange platform called – GDAX. Where you can actually start trading. On the other hand, Coinbase is like I said a gateway, there’s no option to trade. You will have to purchase your Coin – Etherum, Bitcoin, Litecoin on Bitcoin Cash in order to transfer them to GDAX or any other exchange you want to.

Credit/Debit Cards – Instant Transfer
Wire Transfer – 3-5 Business Days.

Coinbase also has an app that makes purchasing coins easy. The verification is mandatory and may take up to 3 business day till you get verified. You will also need to add your bank account in order to withdraw your money.

Summary: Highly trustworthy. Coinbase is a gateway to start trading coins. The fees are quite high if you’re buying with a credit card. There’s a way around the fees if you send a wire transfer and purchase your coins through GDAX. You will save a lot in fees. There’s also a referral program if you refer a friend you both will get $10 if he spends more than $100. GDAX has high trading Volume.

You can read our Coinbase guide –  How to use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


  • Trust: A+
  • Volume: A
  • Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Wire Transfers
  • Geographics: US, EU etc.
  • Verification: Necessary

best cryptocurrency exchange -

CEX.IO is great. It’s a bullshit free zone. You can actually purchase Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash in exchange for U.S Dollars, Euros, British Pounds it even accepts Russian Rubles and more. Most of the exchanges don’t offer that on their website. You have to use gateways like Coinbase, but CEX.IO has thought about User Experience. Best choice for people that would like to keep their business on one platform.

You don’t have to be logged in to see their fees, and exchange rates. I personally dig the transparency for this site. CEX.IO is great for beginner traders and advanced traders, the interface is easy to use.

Summary: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange platform if you want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc. on the site in exchange for Euros, Dollars, British Pounds etc. Trustworthy. Trading Volume is a bit lower than main competitors, but it’s still quite high.


  • Trust: A
  • Volume: B
  • Payment Methods: CryptoCurrency
  • Geographics: US, EU etc.
  • Verification: Not Necessary

crypto exchange - cryptopia

Trading Platform which could have a better interface other than that it’s great. It’s constantly evolving and has already improved in the last couple of months regarding the interface.

Trading Fees – 0.2%

The company itself is based in New Zealand. It doesn’t accept credit cards or wire transfers, so you will have to use gateway – Coinbase or transfer your coins from another wallet.
The volume isn’t the best, but Cryptopia is quite open for new altcoins if you’re looking for specific coins that are not being traded on other exchanges than Cryptopia might be the one for you. you can trade/buy Metal, MaidsafeCoin, Publica and other altcoins that aren’t listed on other crypto exchanges.

Summary: Pretty transparent, could improve their volume and interface. Easy to use for advanced users and beginners. No Verification needed. Great if you want to buy altcoins that aren’t listed elsewhere. I’ve tried it out personally and can confirm it first hand. The fees could be lower.


  • Trust: A
  • Volume: A
  • Payment Methods: CryptoCurrency
  • Geographics: US, EU etc.
  • Verification: Necessary

best cryptocurrency trading platform - is quite new. The volume is increasing month by month and is highly trustworthy. also recently released their trading app.
Now you can also trade Bitcoins, Ethereum and other coins on your Mobile or Tablet with trading fees – 0.2%

If you sign up with this link – you will gain 10% discount on your trading fees for 12 months.

Summary: Easy to use for beginners and advanced traders. A quite High Trading Volume. New Coins, that aren’t listed on other bitcoin/crypto exchanges. 

Pro Tip: Write down your fund password, when signing up, it will be needed when you withdraw money/coins.

That’s it guys, the Top List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2018. I will try to update the post as much as possible.

I would like to point out that I’m not giving you any financial advice, just stating the best crypto exchanges best on personal, subjective opinion.

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Thanks for reading Guide on Choosing ThBest Cryptocurrency Exchanges. You can also make suggestions for a blog post you would like to read below in the comments.


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