Beginners Guide – How to Buy Basic Attention Token

After reading this post you will understand and you will be available to buy Basic Attention Token. Full discloser – I’m not giving you any financial advice, I’m just showing you how you can invest in Basic Attention Token.

The first step is – creating an account at Coinbase.

If you don’t know how to do it already, I’ve prepared a blog post similar to this that explains how to create an account at Coinbase – How to use Coinbase to buy and sell cryptos and bitcoins.

If you read the post you will understand, that, before, you actually buy Basic Attention Token, you’ll have to invest in another cryptocurrency and you can choose – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, those are the options Coinbase is giving you.

Step 2: 

After you have chosen which coin are you going to buy you’ll have to choose a cryptocurrency exchange that actually trades Basic Attention Token. You can find the full crypto exchange list that trades BAT – Coinmarketcap BAT market list 

We’ve also created a post about best crypto exchanges. In case you can’t decide which exchange you should be using.

Step 3:

Let’s assume you chose Binance as your exchange platform since it’s one of the most popular ones with a great interface. So the main goal is to transfer the coins that you bought in Coinbase to Binance, so you can trade them into BAT’s (Basic Attention Tokens). I would suggest you to pick – Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, since Binances allows to trade them to BAT.

  • Create an account at – Binance
  • Transfer your coins from Coinbase to Binance
coin base

Let’s assume you bought Ethereum on Coinbase:

Now you click Send Ethereum and Coinbase will ask you for a Ethereum Address:

ethereum address at binance

So now you have to log into Binance and find your Ethereum Address.
After you’ve logged in press Funds>Deposit>Find Ethereum (Right corner)

Now Copy that address, I suggest you use the “Copy Address” Button.
Go back to Coinbase, enter the address, double check if you have added the right address because if you make a mistake, there’s no turning back, you will lose your coins. When you have done that, press send.

It will take around one hour for the funds to be displayed at your Binance Account.
Also, Coinbase might ask you to confirm your identity, ID or Passport and a picture of yourself holding a date, just for security measures.

Step 4:

Trade in your Ethereum token for Basic Attention Tokens.

Go to Binance Exchange (top left corner) and pick Advance (I use advance exchange since it has a better interface)

Now that you’re in the advance exchange pick Ethereum in the top right corner and find BAT(Basic Attention Token) and click on it.
When you will have done that, Binance will show you BAT’s price against Ethereum, if the price suits you, then you will have to set up an order. Down in the right corner above the green “buy” button, you can set up the price, whichever suits you, if the current price is okay and you’re ready to buy, enter the Ethereum amount that you’re ready to spend. If you’re willing to spend all 100%, then just click the “100%” button and click buy.

After that, your order should be filled and you should have Basic Attention Tokens in your Binance Account.

This is how you buy and invest in Basic Attention Token. One of many options. You can also send the Basic Attention Tokens you bought to your Ethereum Wallet from your Binance account.

After signing up for any service I would highly recommend setting up 2FA(2-factor authentication) to any account, try to keep your account safe. Both of the platforms allows you to do so. Better safe than sorry.

Additional Info

Sign up on – Coinbase
Sign up on – Binance

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I’ve to mention that this is not a Financial Advice. I take no responsibility for your actions.
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Thanks for reading, if you have any comments, drop a line below. If you have any suggestions, feel free.

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